B.C. Southern Interior Chapter

Driver of the Year Award

To encourage members to drive their Studebakers, our chapter awards a trophy (sometimes trophies) at year end to a Driver of the Year.  A member can earn points in the following ways:

  • Driver of the Year TrophyLocal meet mileage is a record of the miles traveled in a Studebaker to and from the BC Southern Interior Chapter meetings.  We continue to count miles rather than kilometers because our Studebakers are of that era.
  • Related SDC mileage is a record of the miles traveled in a Studebaker to and from any car meets that your Studebaker attends OTHER THAN our local chapter’s monthly meets.
  • Mileage points are a total of the points awarded for the total miles traveled to local and related SDC meets.  1 point for every 20 miles is the criterion.  Example: 1000 total miles = 50 points.
  • Attendance points are awarded for attending BC Southern Interior Chapter monthly meetings – 5 points for attending or 10 points for hosting.
  • Total points is the addition of mileage and attendance points.

A large traveling trophy is awarded to the person with the most total points.  He also receives a keeper trophy since the traveling trophy has to be returned at year end.  A second keeper trophy is awarded to the person who has accumulated the most miles in a Studebaker traveling to and from just chapter monthly meetings.  Some years, one person is the winner in both categories (the high number in local meet mileage and/or the high number in total points).

Note:  Points are awarded to the driver of the Studebaker, not necessarily the owner.  So, all you have to do is show up, even if you have to borrow a Studebaker to drive.

2016 Studebaker Driver of the Year Award

Our trophy points winners for 2016 was Corrie & Colleen vanDyk!

Here are the top 10 drivers for 2016, the 39th year of the award.

Local Meet Mileage

Related SDC Mileage

Mileage Points

Attendance Points

Total Points


Family Name

1 vanDyk 468 1593 103 60 163
2 Koo 518 1458 99 55 154
3 Curtis   2408 120 5 125
4 Fletcher 429 1180 80 40 120
5 Douglas 348 1149 74 45 119
6 Parker 366 706 54 55 109
7 McKay 506 644 57 35 92
8 Gogle 449 280 36 50 86
9 Souder 183 872 53 20 73
10 Van Blerk 246   12 55 67