The Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc. (SDC) is international and consists of individual Chapters. A letter dated August 2, 1971 to Southern British Columbia Chapter of SDC, Inc. care of Art Unger, Kelowna, B. C. 

“Your hard work has paid off. We welcome your Chapter officially to our Club. Please make sure that our secretary, Pat Dishman, and I have the current list of officers and their addresses. Best wishes for the coming months. Studebakerly yours, John H. Brichetto, President”.

The first newsletter titled “Tempo” Vol. #1 Issue #1, published by B.C. Southern Interior Chapter of SDC dated December 1972 listed the Chapter Officers as President – Art Unger, Vice President – Glen Oosting, Membership Secretary – Les Pinske, Secretary Treasurer – Wanda Unger. The editor also indicates this issue of Tempo achieved the distinction of being the first bulletin in the Canadian Division of the Studebaker Drivers Club.

Tempo covered the development and needs of the new chapter. This was, and still is, a tool that club members and other Studebaker enthusiasts use to communicate with each other, discussing projects, finding parts and supplies.

By January, 1973 the B.C. Southern Interior Chapter had grown to thirty members who owned almost 100 Studebakers of all models.

The B.C. Southern Interior Chapter of SDC, together with the B.C. Coastal Chapter of SDC, hosted the first International Meet in Canada, which was held in June, 1973 at Osoyoos, B.C. Registrations included 63 cars and a banquet for 146. The weather was cloudy with sunny periods and the driving tour was guided by the Penticton RCMP.

The B.C. Southern Interior Chapter of SDC hosted the Can-Am Zone Meet in Vernon, B.C. July, 1977. The theme of the Meet was ‘The Driven Studebaker’. Registrations – 116, banquet for 266, cars judged – 83. The Meet was very successful. “We enjoyed good participation from all the Chapters of the Pacific Can-Am Zone.”

With memberships steadily increasing and a location near the U.S.A./Canada border, the B.C. Southern Interior Chapter of SDC continued to host SDC events through the years, including Northwest Overdrives and Can-Am Zone Meets.

“The comradeship of the members is no doubt the core of this organization. They all have one thing in common – each of them owns and cherishes a Studebaker. They’ll work into the wee hours of the morning, making sure the job’s done right or hunt in every corner for a particular part – whether it’s someone else’s car or not, it’s going to get treatment as if each member owned it.” (from the Kelowna Courier, Friday, Dec. 8, 1972.)