To encourage members to drive their Studebakers, our chapter awards a trophy (sometimes trophies) at year end to a Driver of the Year. A member can earn points in the following ways:

Local meet mileage is a record of the miles traveled in a Studebaker to and from the BC Southern Interior Chapter meetings. We continue to count miles rather than kilometers because our Studebakers are of that era.

Related SDC mileage is a record of the miles traveled in a Studebaker to and from any car meets that your Studebaker attends OTHER THAN our local chapter’s monthly meets.

Mileage points are a total of the points awarded for the total miles traveled to local and related SDC meets. 1 point for every 20 miles is the criterion. Example: 1000 total miles = 50 points.

Attendance points are awarded for attending BC Southern Interior Chapter monthly meetings – 5 points for attending or 10 points for hosting. Total points is the addition of mileage and attendance points.

A large traveling trophy is awarded to the person with the most total points. They also receive a keeper trophy since the traveling trophy has to be returned at year end. A second keeper trophy is awarded to the person who has accumulated the most miles in a Studebaker traveling to and from just chapter monthly meetings. Some years, one person is the winner in both categories (the high number in local meet mileage and the high number in total points).

Note: Points are awarded to the driver of the Studebaker, not necessarily the owner. So, all you have to do is show up, even if you have to borrow a Studebaker to drive.

2023 Studebaker Driver of the Year Awards

In 2023 Chapter Members drove 5,853 miles to our local chapter meetings, and 22,518 miles were recorded by members who travelled to related SDC events, for a total of 28,371 recorded miles driven. Click here to view the stats!

Mark Carson presenting Craig Beddie with the trophy for Most Meeting Miles for 2023. Photo by Maureen Ratzlaff

Mark Carson and Don Parker presenting Gary Koo with the trophy for Most Meeting Miles for 2023.  Photo by Maureen Ratzlaff.

Past Year’s Stats

Thanks to Don Parker for coordinating this for our chapter.